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Pet Vaccinations

It is essential that your new puppy or kitten receives a complete vaccination programme. Therefore please contact our clinics to arrange your pet's vaccination requirements.

Vaccinations will protect your pet against all of the main infectious agents which pose a very real danger to the unvaccinated puppy or kitten. When purchasing a pet please ensure that the vendor is able to provide the relevant vaccination certificate to support any claims of vaccination. Please note that despite the frequent claims made by vendors it is impossible for pups or kittens to be fully vaccinated at six weeks of age.

Kittens and pups that have completed their vaccination course should not be brought out in public for a further week.

We always recommend annual booster vaccination as our experience has shown that breakdowns in infectious disease protection can occur in pets whose vaccinations have lapsed.

Kennel Cough vaccination is not only necessary for dogs going to boarding kennels but to any place where dogs are in close contact such as grooming parlours, dog shows, training classes etc. We are seeing an increasing amount of this infectious condition and strongly recommend having your dog vaccinated against it.

For more information on Pet Vaccinations contact O’Dwyer and Jones Vets in Clane, Maynooth and Edenderry

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