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Pet Passport

At O'Dwyer & Jones we provide all the services and information that is required to apply for a pet passport.  The following conditions have to be met in order for your pet to travel outside of Ireland:

  • Your pet is traveling to an eligible country;
  • Your pet is identified by means of a microchip and official passport;
  • Your pet must have its annual vaccinations up-to-date at the time of travel;
  • Your pet must also be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before the date of travel to another EU country;
  • It is an essential requirement that your pet is presented to us for a health check and for defleaing, deticking, and deworming 24 hours before travel;
  • We will then issue your pet an EU Pet Passport on completion of all these steps.

Please note that for non-EU destination countries will have their own Pet Passport requirements.  We advise that you contact the Embassy of the country of destination or for more details please see



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