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Pet Neutering

Unwanted behaviours , pregnancies and certain health conditions can all be prevented by neutering your pet. Dogs and cats can be neutered from 6 months of age, depending on their development.

Our neutering fees include VAT and :

  • Pre -operative and two Post-operative health checks
  • Post- operative medications including pain relief drugs.


Reasons for Neutering Cats

  • Avoids unwanted kittens which cannot be homed.
  • Male cats that are not neutered are very territorial and aggressive. They fight and “bully” other cats and cause the spread of diseases. FeLV being the most serious. This is often a fatal disease and can be spread into the domestic cat population by male “Toms”. Castrated cats are more social and “spray” less.


Reasons for Spaying Female Dogs

  • Females come into season twice a year and during this time they are receptive to the male dog. Thus, they have to be confined to the house for up to 3 weeks during every season. Male dogs are attracted to your house during this time and can make life very difficult!
  • Females spayed at 6 months of age have a reduced risk of developing mammary cancer and uterine infections such as pyometra 
  • Spaying will prevent a phantom pregnancy. This is a condition which can occur in non-spayed females after being in season where she thinks she is pregnant but, in fact is not!

Reasons for Neutering Male Dogs

  • Neutering will help to prevent dogs straying and reduce their aggressive and roaming tendencies.
  • Prevention of testicular cancer and a reduced rate of prostate disease.
  • No mating with siblings

Dietary Mangement

Some people think that by neutering dogs they become  overweight and oversized. With a proper diet and exercise this is easily controlled.

Before your pet comes in for an operation...

1. Do not feed your pet after 8pm the evening before their operation.
2. They can keep their water bowls overnight but it must be taken away from them first thing in the morning of their operation.
3. Walk your dog on the morning of the operation so that they can pass any digested food and drink.
4. Do not allow your pets to scavenge around the garden and keep them dry and clean.
5. Keep your cat indoors the night before their operation.

If you have not complied with one or more of the rules above, please contact the clinic first thing in the morning of your pet's surgery and tell our veterinary nurse.

When bringing your pet into our clinic please make sure that dogs are kept on a well-controlled lead and that cats and furries are kept in a secure carrier.

Gaseous Anaesthesia

We use this human grade method of anaesthesia as it provides us with a very safe method of performing surgery. With older or very sick patients we will often advise a blood-screening test prior to surgery.

For more information on Pet Neutering contact O’Dwyer and Jones Vets in Clane, Maynooth and Edenderry

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