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Pet Passports

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is a procedure which allows dogs, cats and ferrets entry to the UK/Ireland without quarantine. Please be aware that this page only gives a quick run-through of the requirements for PETS. For a more in-depth set of the rule please visit the DAFM website or contact us here in O'Dwyer & Jones where a qualified member of our team will be happy to speak with you.


At O'Dwyer & Jones we provide all the services and information that is required to apply for a pet passport. According to PETS regulations; in order to transport your pet from Ireland to the UK or mainland Europe you must carry out the following procedures in the order shown:

  • Your pet is traveling to an eligible country
  • Have your pet microchipped with a European ISO Standard microchip which is available in all our clinics at O'Dwyer & Jones.
  • Have your pet vaccinated against all major diseases, including rabies (at least 21 days before the date of travel to another EU country).  You may also need boosters to the vaccine. 
  • We will apply to DAFF on your behalf for your pet's passport. 
  • Treatment against ticks and tapeworms and a health certificate is required 24-48 hours before your pet is checked in for their journey.  When you are in a foreign country this treatment is required for the return journey to Ireland (for example) - any qualified vet can carry out the treatment and you need to ask them for a certificate to prove that your pet has been treated.
  • Certain PETS countries may have additional regulation.  Please visit the DAFM website for more information.
  • We will then issue your pet an EU Pet Passport on completion of all these steps

Please note that for non-EU destination countries will have their own pet travel requirements.  We advise that you contact the Embassy of the country of destination or for more details please see


Pet Insurance

We recommend that when getting a pet that you allow for the cost of annual pet insurance. Having insurance will give you great peace of mind should your pet be unfortunate enough to develop a chronic condition which requires ongoing treatment and medication or an acute condition such as a fractured leg which necessitates complicated and expensive surgery and aftercare.

There are many providers of pet insurance in Ireland. We do not endorse any particular provider and recommend that you research each policy before signing up for it.

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