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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging this can be either by digital x-ray or ultrasonic scanning.


We have our own digital x-ray equipment. A pet x-ray frequently proves a very useful aid to diagnosis and can be used for a variety purposes such as when we suspect a broken bone or perhaps an intestinal problem where a pet may have eaten a toy or other foreign object! .They can also help in surgical planning for tumour removal etc. Digital x-rays are the most modern method of taking x-rays. They allow us to examine the radiograph in very close detail as we can change the contrast and magnify areas of interest. If required we can e-mail the x-rays to our specialist colleagues.

Ultrasonic Scanning

An ultrasound scan can be used for pregnancy diagnosis and assessing internal organs and will often reveal problems such as bladder stones.  The great advantage of scanning is that it is a quick procedure to perform and that it does not usually require the patient to be sedated.  It also allows real-time assessments to be made. For example: we can examine for foetal heartbeats.


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